b'FOREWORD There is a heightened sense of urgency in the philanthropy sector these days, and a degree of introspection that is unusual. The urgency comes from the climate and environmental crises facing us, as well as the growing, and seemingly intractable, nature of challenges like inequality, discrimination, and lack of accountability by many of our societies institutions. The introspection comes from more animated critiques of the philanthropy sector and a sense that we are simply not achieving as much as we could, given all of the financial and human capital we possess. At the same time, there is a groundswell of philanthropic actors committing to greater collaboration, and more systemic approaches.In such a context, the data and analysis presented in this report are both timely and deeply important. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent many things to many people. Above all, they represent one of the rare examples of a framework that is relevant both locally and globally, and an approach that, crucially, looks holistically at social, economic, and environmental problems and solutions. Because of this, the SDG framework provides the scaffolding on which a growing number of philanthropic partnerships can be built. Some funders favor going where the crowd is to take advantage of dynamism and enthusiasm; others look for white spaces where gaps must be filled. Either way, this CAF America data illuminates trends and opportunities that will be relevant for readers all over the world. We can learn a great deal from the four years of data and analysis in this report. While unique, the data is indicative of wider trends, given the diverse group of donors of CAF America, the global nature of the grants, and the variety of SDGs for which the fundingis given.This is a time when philanthropy must lean in to work more collaboratively, and more systemically, to address our urgent challenges, and meet demands for accountability and impact. An understanding of the SDGs highlighted through this report will equip readers to do so better. Heather GradyVice PresidentRockefeller Philanthropy AdvisorsPAGE5THE SDG GIVING LANDSCAPE'