b'Trust MYRIVRM ental health illnesses represent the third largest cause of death in New Zealand, behind cancer and blood disorders.Trust MYRIVR was established in 2016 to increase the accessibility and utilization of health and social services across New Zealand. The organization works to raise awareness and understanding of services provided for victims of child sexual abuse and to improve the resources available for those affected.Trust MYRIVR operates through its MYRIVR App, which seeks to inform users about the help and services available to those struggling with mental health, domestic violence, or sexual abuse. By using the app as a platform, MYRIVR hopes to make it easier to seek help without fear of social stigma. Funding from CAF America helped the organization in its efforts to increase visibility. As a result, the MYRIVR App has seen a 27% uptick in the number of downloads, and the increased visibility has led to additional funding opportunities. The NZBy 2019, the MYRIVR app has connected 4,500 Vodafone Foundation allocated funds to build self- unique users with 8,000 service providers and help kiosks in all public libraries in South Auckland30,000 professionals.to help vulnerable people find the help they need in their community. This allowed Trust MYRIVRSDG 3: Good Health and Well-Beingto scale its operations to support New ZealandTarget 3.4: Reduce mortality fromcommunities for cases of mental health, domesticnon-communicable diseases and violence, and sexual abuse. promote mental healthcafamerica.orgPAGE14'