b'REGIONS: CENTRAL AMERICA & CARIBBEANDonors represented in this report place a heavy focus on addressing No Poverty (SDG 1)in Central America and the Caribbean. Despite the clear orientation towards SDG 1, environmental-related grants are on the rise with the volume of smaller grants increasing during the past few years. Likewise, the region received notable support toward creating jobs and expanding the economy (SDG 8). TOP 5 SDGsCHANGE IN TOP 5 SDGs 2016 - 2019 YEAR OVER YEAR2016 2017 2018 2019NO POVERTY (86.10%)DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH (4.95%)SUSTAINABLE CITIESAND COMMUNITIES (3.93%)GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING (2.0%)QUALITY EDUCATION (1.72%)BREAKDOWN OF CONTRIBUTIONS BY SOURCEAVERAGE GRANT$20,784.02 CORPORATIONS FOUNDATIONS INDIVIDUALS10.86% 32.21% 56.93%SIZEINDUSTRY $75+BILLIONYEARS INDOMESTIC vs BUSINESSFOOD AND MULTINATIONAL 50-100SDG WITH LARGEST ACCOMMODATION YEARSINCREASE IN SUPPORT SERVICES MULTINATIONAL2016 vs 2019PAGE33THE SDG GIVING LANDSCAPE'