b'Providing Education to Reach DreamsK liptown, South Africa, a community of forty-four thousand, lacked access to basic services and amenities such as schools, health clinics, electricity, and proper sanitation. A group of local passionate individuals decided to make a difference in their community and, in 2007, the Kliptown Youth Program (KYP) was born. What began as an afterschool program for grades 1-12, has grown to a full-scale service providing a forum for employment networking, technology services, food programs, art and culture events, as well as sports teams.To enable the continued education of the programs participants, KYP started the Tertiary Education Program to provide funds for undergraduates to attend college. The program supports both two-year certificates and four-year degrees, enabling students to focus on a number of disciplines including information technology, banking, and marketing. The impact that KYP has had on this small town in South Africa is both remarkable and inspirational,SDG 4: Quality Educationserving as a shining example of the power ofTarget 4.3: Equal access to education. Recently, KYP was named on CNNs Topaffordable technical, vocational and Ten Heroes list. higher educationcafamerica.orgPAGE12'