b'Improving Cardiovascular Healthin the greater West Africa regionC ardiovascular diseases represent a growingexpertise of German cardiologists to provide burden for developing nations today, withrheumatic, valvular, and congenital heart surgery roughly 80% of global cardiovascular-relatedtreatments in Cape Coast, Ghana and the greater deaths occurring in low to middle-income countries.West African region. The society organizes coaching In Ghana, for example, Congenital Heart Diseasesfor disease management programs and provides (CHD) affect around 372 individuals per one million.training opportunities in clinical science to improve Amplifying the problem, only 13 cardiologists arepatient care. Other initiatives led by the organization available in a nation of 29.8 million people of whichfocus on raising awareness about the disease, 11.5 million are under the age of 15. preventative measures, and healthier lifestyles. To help combat this issue, the Pan-African Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery (PASCaTS) uses the SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being Target 3.4: Reduce mortality from non-communicable disease and promote mental healthcafamerica.orgPAGE40'