b'Building A Strong Society Through InclusionH ong Kong, the dynamic, bustling metropolis is steeped in history and culture. Great amounts of wealth poured into the city as it established itself as a banking hub, however, some communities in the area did not enjoy the positive effects of this economic boom. On the contrary, this process ended up creating one of the most stratified communities on Earth. In fact, for over a decade social minorities were placed into designated schools segregated from the mainstream Cantonese society. Consequently, it is still uncommon for citizens of different backgrounds and abilities to interact and experience each others cultures.Established in 1979, the Hong Kong-based charity, TREATS, is a truly inspiring organization that works to create social inclusion opportunities for children and youth from different backgrounds to interact and learn about one another. Through its specialized activities, generous volunteers, and educators, TREATS is able to make groundbreakingopportunity to increase their mutual understanding steps towards social inclusion in Hong Kong.and respect for each others culture. One of their unique programs, Cookery for ALL!, partners children from special needs schools andSDG 11: Sustainable Citiesmainstream schools with a volunteer to cookand Communitiesdelicious treats together. During the program,Target 11.3: Inclusive andchildren from different backgrounds are given thesustainable urbanizationcafamerica.orgPAGE16'