b'GLOBAL REACHOne of the key aspects of the SDGs is their universal character as defined in the 2030 Agenda Applicable to all countries, while taking into account different national realities, capacities and levels of development that respect national policies and principles.At the regional level, the top 5 most supported SDGs paint a slightly different picture. Notably, SDG 2, which does not appear in the overall top 5 SDG landscape of CAF America, is the most supported SDG in South America. TOP 5 SDGs | REGIONAL SNAPSHOT | 2016-2019NORTH AMERICA28.21% 4.83%20.57% 6.72%12.14%CENTRAL AMERICA& CARIBBEAN86.10% 1.72%AFRICA4.95% 2.09%3.93% SOUTH AMERICA49.26%32.16% 6.97%22.67%5.87%16.17% 7.21%PAGE29THE SDG GIVING LANDSCAPE 7.29%'