b'Widowed Women Goat ProjectI n India, the goat has long been a valuable part of the culture. Able to thrive across the countrys geographically diverse regions, the goat has been vital to the livelihood of those struggling to live in rural areas.Community Action, Development, Liberative, and Education (CANDLE) is an organization that aims to lift people living in rural areas to a new era of economic prosperity, sustainability, empowerment, and pride. Widowed women, who often become marginalized, find it difficult or impossible to rely on others to help provide for their families. Through the Widowed Women Goat project, each woman is given a healthy goat and provided training by a veterinarian about goat rearing including vaccinations, insemination periods, fodder systems, and uses for dung and other waste. The participating women receive financial literacy training and advice on how to market various goat-based products. As a result, theSDG 1: No Povertywomen participating in the Widowed Goat ProjectTarget 1.4: Equal right to ownership, have an opportunity to become financially basic services, technology and self-reliant. economic servicescafamerica.orgPAGE18'