b'Saving Sea TurtlesA Reason to Shell-ebrate - MexicoC limate change is increasingly affecting seahorizon for orientation, they can become easily turtle nesting grounds. Every year, thousandsconfused by artificial sources of light and never of adult turtles die after coming into contactreach the ocean.with man-made pollution such as plastic waste and oil spills. In certain parts of the world they areThe main objective of Fundacin Yepez is to ensure a source of food, and black-market trading of seaa thriving sea turtle population in the region. turtle shells has been practiced for centuries. WithEmployees painstakingly patrol around 50 square so many threats to their existence, the species haskilometers of beaches to look for nests and place become a talisman for conservation efforts aroundthe eggs in safe incubators or artificial nests set up the globe. in their headquarters.Fundacin Yepez A.C. in Veracruz, Mexico, worksOver the course of 2017-2018, supported by funding to protect sea turtles in the Gulf Coast of Mexico.from CAF America, Fundacin Yepez A.C. managed Of the seven species of sea turtles in the world,to successfully collect an astounding one million five lay their eggs in the region; the Kemps Ridley,eggs and make sure that the hatchlings made it the Green Turtle, the Loggerhead, the Hawksbill,safely to the water. and the Leatherback. As hatchlings use the natural PRIMARY SDG SECONDARY SDGsSDG 14: Life Below WaterTarget 14.2: Protect and restore ecosystemscafamerica.orgPAGE32'