b'CEO MESSAGEABOUT THIS REPORT In 2015, the world agreed to work towards peace and prosperity, a sustainable planet, and a future without poverty. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted in unanimity by all United Nations Member States, provide a framework of universal goals to be achieved by 2030. Philanthropy plays a critical role in tackling humanitys most pressing problems, the great majority of which are at the epicenter of the SDGs. This report aims to provide an insight into the work of the philanthropic sector towards the 17 goals and 169 SDG targets. CAF Americas SDG Giving Report explores the SDG landscape that has emerged based on its donors philanthropic giving since the goals came into effect on January 1st, 2016. It looks at the SDGs that rose to the top, based on the level of support received, and provides a window into how priorities have shifted year-by-year. In a regional and source-based setting, the report tracks the charitable giving of corporate, foundation, and individual donors through CAF America. About the dataThe SDG Giving Landscape Report presents CAF America grant disbursements from January 2016when the SDGs came into effectthrough April 2019, the end of our fiscal year. As an intermediary 501(c)(3) public charity, CAF America makes charitable grants worldwide supporting all 17 SDGs at the recommendation of our donors. View the full methodology online at cafamerica.org.Why is this data relevant?CAF America is a global and cause-agnostic organization with a heterogeneous donor-base comprised of corporations and corporate foundations, private and community foundations, as well as individual donors. This diversity is further enhanced by the corporate and foundation donors wide scale representation based on annual revenue, years in operation, and geographic focus. Similarly, the individuals partnering with CAF America for their domestic and cross-border giving range from donors supporting online fundraising campaigns to high networth individuals who are conducting their philanthropic giving through a donor advised fund (DAF). Total giving through CAF America increased exponentially during the past four years, with FY2019 grant disbursements up 200% from FY2016. Questions explored in this report What are the most supported SDGs during the time period covered in this report? What are the main issue areas supported in specific regions?How do patterns of giving vary by donor groups? How do the various goals interact with one another?How does corporate strategic giving compare to giving directed by employees? Which SDGs received the largest increase in support since 2016? And much more. cafamerica.orgPAGE4'