b'Avoid the burden of establishing a US 501(c)(3)Accessing US donors is easier than ever and it can be done without establishing a US 501(c)(3). Becoming eligible with CAF America allows you to receive tax-effective donations from US donors without having to create and maintain a separate organization, letting you focus your time and energy directly on donor engagement and fundraising.Friends Funds Make Fundraising EasyEstablishing a Friends Fund at CAF America is a cost-effective solution for a foreign nonprofit to access US donors. A Friends Fund is a restricted account opened by CAF America for the purpose of supporting the activities of a designated eligible foreign charity. The fund is fully restricted for grantmaking to that specific charity.US 501(c)(3)CAF America Friends of Organization Friends FundIncorporation as a US entity Required Not RequiredForm 1023 for IRS Registration Required Not RequiredStaff and independent Board of DirectorsRequired Not Required(of at least 3 people)Legal mechanisms to ensure independent statusRequired Included(address the conduit issue)Yearly Form 990 submission Required Not RequiredApply for State-by-state registration for GiftRequired* IncludedSolicitation (required in approximately 40 US states)Provide tax receipts to US taxpayers Required IncludedTotal Annual Costs - First Year $22,000* $3,500***Depending on legal costs, the annual cost can run from $15,000+ per state registration. This doesnt include the state registration fees, which can be another $2,700 to $3,000, plus administrative costs.** $2,500 thereafter plus transaction chargesCAF International Validated Organization BadgeVALIDATED The CAF International Validated Organization badge is a digital seal distributed and ORGANIZATION protected via the Accredible system. Your digital badge and certificate will serve as CAF International a seal of assurance for donors that your organization is structured and operates GLOBAL CHARITYDATABASE as a nonprofit entity, that grant funds provided to your organization will be used exclusively for charitable purposes, and that your organization went through our extensive review to ensure against the risk of fraud, money laundering, or other illicit activities.www.cafamerica.org PAGE20'