b'Challenges in International PhilanthropyCAF America has solutions for working under the strictest charity laws in the worldChinaWhy its challenging for donors: Since the Overseas NGO Management Law went into effect in 2017, there are now two ways to support Chinese charities: (1) through a US intermediary with an office in China, or (2) through a US intermediary which uses Temporary Activity Licenses.How CAF America helps: To best serve our donors and allow for flexibility in planning, CAF America undertakes the responsibility of applying for Temporary Activity Licenses with our Chinese partner NGOs to facilitate giving to organizations in China. Under this model, donors can initiate the application process for a Temporary Activity License anytime throughout the year whereas giving through an office requires donors to plan their charitable gifts by December 31 of each year to be approved for the next year.EgyptWhy its challenging for donors: Local regulations require local organizations to obtain approval for fundraising abroad and receiving foreign funding. Obtaining the necessary permits may take several months to a year (in some cases).How CAF America helps: CAF America works closely with organizations in Egypt to ensure that our grantees can comply with the local requirements and are able to continue fulfilling their mission.European UnionWhy its challenging for donors: On May 25, 2018, the EU Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect imposing a series of requirements related to the use and storage of personal data. EU privacy laws can have far reaching impacts outside of Europe and there is no safe harbor covering charitable work or nonprofits.How CAF America helps: CAF America is committed to regulatory compliant cross-border giving. We sign a Model Contract with each EU grantee ensuring that we protect the personal data they share, thus complying with GDPR. PAGE7Charities Aid Foundation America | About'