b'Enhance your PracticeCAF America serves as a back-office resource for tax and wealth management professionals with clients engaged in philanthropic giving. As a Donor Advised Fund sponsor, CAF America offers giving solutions that can integrate into any planned giving strategy. Our expertise enables you to expand your suite of services and address the specific needs of your clients.Regulatory Compliance and Giving SolutionsWe assume all risks involved in cross-border grantmaking and take every measure to ensure regulatory compliance while protecting you and your clients reputations. These services are built into our grantmaking protocols, allowing for carefree, efficient, and secure giving across the globe.Complex Asset DonationsGiving non-cash assets can be a powerful tool in any planned giving strategy and can increase the impact of your clients philanthropy. CAF America is well-equipped to help you transform these assets into meaningful philanthropy. By donating these assets to a donor advised fund, your client can benefit from increased flexibility in their giving.Donor Advised Gifts Donor Advised Gifts (DAGs) are the perfect solution for US donors who want to give globally without establishing a fund. With DAGs, donors make a single tax-effective gift to CAF America whenever desired and recommend that the funds be further granted to the foreign organization or charitable project of their choosing. CAF America can also recommend an eligible organization that fits a donors interests and philanthropic goals.Invested OfferingsFunds at CAF America can be invested to maximize the impact of our donors charitable contributions. We allow donors to choose from a number of vetted investment portfolios, and we offer the option to restrict an investment policy to specifically ESG-aligned assets.Flexible Giving: Domestic and InternationalHelp your clients take their philanthropy global. DAFs at CAF America are flexible and enable your clients to support both domestic and international causes out of a single fund. PAGE13Charities Aid Foundation America | Advisors'