b'Your Trusted PartnerCAF America has customized solutions forINDIVIDUALS AND FAMILIES|ADVISORS|CORPORATIONS|US NONPROFITS|FOREIGN NONPROFITSWe understand that effective philanthropy begins with a clear vision and a focused plan for making that vision a reality. At CAF America, we work directly with each party involved in each step of the grantmaking process to ensure the realization of the philanthropic vision.DonorsWhether through a one time Donor Advised Gift, planning your charitable legacy or working with our services in between, CAF America is here to help plan and build your philanthropic vision. We can facilitate your giving to any charity we are able to legally validate so you have the confidence that your gift is regulatory compliant and reaches your desired charitable purpose. Additionally our advisory services help you build your giving charitable framework tailor made to your specific needs.The ProcessEvery organization that receives a grant from CAF America is first evaluated using our extensive validation protocols, processes built upon our decades of experience, the expertise of our staff, and industry-leading best practices in international giving. Taking advantage of our compliance and due diligence services, our donors can support any eligible organization in any country around the world.Grantees As a valued charity partner, working with CAF America helps give additional legitimacy to your organization. Donors will have the confidence that your organization is structured and operates as a nonprofit entity, that grant funds provided to your organization will be used exclusively for charitable purposes, and that your organization went through our extensive review to ensure against the risk of fraud, money laundering, or other illicit activities.PAGE5Charities Aid Foundation America | About'