b'AboutIndiaWhy its challenging for donors: Indias Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) governs which Indian organizations may receive foreign charitable funding. It has been increasingly difficult to register and maintain FCRA status. This resulted in a 40% decline in foreign funding between 2015 and 2018. How CAF America helps: CAF America is an expert on FCRA. We work closely with our Indian partners and the CAF office in New Delhi to ensure that each of our grantees is registered under FCRA and is in compliance with annual reporting requirements, thus we enable our donors to continue advising gifts to India.MexicoWhy its challenging for donors: Anti-money laundering legislation requires organizations in Mexico to submit extensive information on donations they receive over MXN 107,000. Sensitive information from donors such as copies of passports are required.How CAF America helps: CAF America, as the grantor, undertakes the responsibility of compliance with these onerous requirements in relation to the grants advised by our donors to organizationsin Mexico.RussiaWhy its challenging for donors: Russian organizations that receive foreign charitable funding have to register as foreign agents and comply with burdensome reporting requirements. Organizations working on sensitive issue-areas may be deemed undesirable if they are perceived as a threat to Russian national security.How CAF America helps: CAF America works with our partner, CAF Russia, to ensure that gifts to Russia are made in compliance with all relevant laws and enable our donors to continue supporting the work of organizations on the ground.CAF AMERICAPAGE6'