b'FOREIGNNONPROFITSBecoming EligibleSTEP 1Contact CAF America about becoming eligible to receive tax-deductible donations from US donors:INFO@CAFAMERICA.ORG |Cafamerica.org | +1 202-793-2232STEP 2Complete the Grant Eligibility Application (GEA)STEP 3CAF America conducts a thorough review ofyour organizationBecome EligibleReceive tax-effective US donationsShare your specific URL to your new charity page on our website1.8 million organizations worldwide are eligible through CAF America. Join them today!I G I L E CAF America SealB SE L NOI TF VALIDATED BYVETTED BYO A The CAF America Seal lets your donors know that your organization has been NRU O validated and approved to receive charitable funds from US donors through.S D. T LE CAF America.AX-DEDUCTIBCAF AMERICAPAGE18'