b'Bring your Philanthropic Vision to LifePhilanthropy often begins with a story: a story of hope, a story of courage, a story of inspiration. At CAF America, we specialize in creating a seamless transition from aspiration to meaningful action. Our unparalleled expertise and personalized solutions help you bring your philanthropic vision to life and achieve the impact that you want, where you want it.Take Your Giving GlobalBy working with CAF America, you benefit from our:Global grantmaking perspectiveIndustry-leading due diligenceCapacity to offer full charitable tax benefitsAbility to expedite your gifts to more than 1.8 million organizations in 110 countriesBuild Your LegacyBy establishing a DAF at CAF America, you can contribute to your fund at any time while being strategic with your ultimate giving. If you wish to involve your family members, you may add them as advisors to the fund so they can participate and grow your familys legacy of giving.Give How You WantAt CAF America, we are committed to supporting your philanthropic vision. As a donor-driven, Cause-universal organization, we can facilitate your giving to any organization or charitable project we are able to legally validate. We have supported a wide range of projects from medical research in Ireland to youth education in India to turtle rehabilitation in Mexico. Explore our Global Charity Database to learn more.DAFs at CAF America are flexible and enable you to support both domestic and international causes out of a single fund. Speak with us about your philanthropic priorities and see how CAF America can help you. PAGE9Charities Aid Foundation America | Individuals & Families'