b'build your US DONOR BASEThe latest edition of Giving USA reported that US taxpayers donated a total of $427 billion to charity in 2018. Dont miss out on the opportunity to fundraise from US donors! Work with CAF America to access tax-effective charitabledonations from your US donors. Avoid the burden of establishing a US 501(c)(3)Accessing US donors is easier than ever and it can be done without establishing a US 501(c)(3). Becoming eligible with CAF America allows you to receive tax-effective donations from US donors without having to create and maintain a separate organization, letting you focus your time and resources directly on donor engagement and fundraising.Friends Funds: Make Fundraising EasyEstablishing a Friends Fund at CAF America is a cost-effective solution for a foreign nonprofit toaccess US donors. A Friends Fund is a restricted account opened by CAF America for the purpose of supporting the activities of a designated eligible foreign charity. The fund is fully restricted for grantmaking to that specific charity.US 501(c)(3)CAF America Friends of Organization Friends FundIncorporation as a US entity Required Not RequiredForm 1023 for IRS Registration Required Not RequiredStaff and independent Board of DirectorsRequired Not Required(of at least 3 people)Legal mechanisms to ensure independent statusRequired Included(address the conduit issue)Yearly Form 990 submission Required Not RequiredApply for State-by-state registration for GiftRequired* IncludedSolicitation (required in approximately 40 US states)Provide tax receipts to US taxpayers Required IncludedTotal Annual Costs - First Year >$22,000* $3,500***Depending on legal costs, the annual cost can run from $15,000+ per state registration. This doesnt include the state registration fees, which can be another $2,700 to $3,000, plus administrative costs.** $2,500 thereafter plus transaction chargesPAGE17CAF AMERICA'