b'Measuring ImpactCAF Americas 5 Pillars of Impactful GrantmakingIMPACT PHILANTHROPY1 2 3 4 5Specic & Expertise &ProgressLong-TermPartnership Measurable ResourcesTracking &Focus forOrientationGoals Needed forTransparencySustained Success Mindset ResultsImpact Philanthropy is about ensuring your giving will deliver significant, specific, and measurable results for the long-term. To accomplish that, you need to have five strong building blocks, or pillars, in place:1,Specific & Measurable Goals: It starts with a clear understanding of what you want to achievedefining specific objectives and the timeframe for achieving them, agreeing on how youll measure success, and determining how youll track progress along the way. 2.The Expertise & Resources Needed for Success: Make sure the charity youre working with, and any resources theyre engaging, have the expertise and budget needed to achieve the mutually agreed upon goals. The more you understand about the problems you seek to solve, the easier it will be to gauge this. 3.Progress Tracking & a Transparency Mindset: Tracking progress prevents surprises and allows charities and their donors to align on any course corrections needed to keep things on track. 4.A Long-Term Focus for Sustained Results: Multi-year funding commitments enable charities to plan projects out over a longer time horizon, adding infrastructure and operational capacity where needed to scale and sustain new community practices beyond the life of a grant.5.A Partnership Orientation: Lastly, to support the investment, there must be a collaborative, mutually respectful spirit of partnership between donor and charity. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in your Grant ProgramsEffective philanthropy is built on relationships that grow out of respect and communication for all parties involved. Through grant programs that consider Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, donor clients and charity partners alike are valued and have efficacy in the grantmaking process leading to long term impacts on your shared philanthropic goal.www.cafamerica.org PAGE4'