b'Invested OfferingsCAF America works with expert advisors at Merrill Lynch Investments to offer you four Model ETF Portfolios, if you wish to invest your charitable dollars. The specific breakdown of each portfolios assets is determined by the Merrill Lynch Research Investment Committee, and revised at the end of each Fiscal Quarter. Detailed holdings and quarterly/annual returns for each investment option are available upon request.Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ConsiderationsAt CAF America pride ourselves on high customer service standards, and are constantly evaluating our values, practices, and principles to ensure our policies and behaviors reflect our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our donor clients and charity partners come from a myriad of cultural and social backgrounds, so ensuring that everyone we work with feels respected is conducive to effective grantmaking.Diaspora PhilanthropyIn an increasingly connected world, diaspora groups are often the epicenter of initiatives that have a major impact on their home and host societies respectively. CAF America is committed to enabling diasporas across the globe to donate to their home communities in a safe, easy, and effective manner.The CAF American Donor FundThe CAF American Donor Fund (CADF) allows US/UK dual taxpayers to claim Gift Aidwhich can increase the value of their gifts by up to 25%and qualify for a tax deduction in the UK and in the US.Services Offered VALIDATEDonor Advised Donor Advised Expedited The CAF American ValidationFunds Gifts Giving Donor Fund Serviceswww.cafamerica.org PAGE10'