b'RUSSIA & AboutCENTRAL ASIASOUTHERN &EASTERN ASIAWESTERN ASIAAFRICAOCEANIASDG AlignmentIn January 2016 when the new Global Goals went into effect, CAF America began mapping the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) supported by the grants made at the recommendation of its corporate, foundation, and individual donors. To provide deeper insight, we determined the SDG that best relates to each grantees work (primary SDG), while also identifying the possible ripple effect on other goals.Top 5 SDGs that received the largest amount of fundingbetween January 2016 - April 2019SDG #4SDG #3 SDG #11 SDG #1SDG #15 (22.26%) (18.89%) (12.79%) (9.61%) (9.32%)CAF AMERICAPAGE2'