b'Services OfferedVALIDATEDonor AdvisedEmployee EngagementEmployeeExpeditedValidation Funds Funds Relief Funds Giving ServicesSTORY OF PHILANTHROPYProviding Access and Technologyto Combat Rural PovertyIts a viciously simple conundrum: how can smallholder farmers raise their productivity and, by extension, their incomes, when they dont have the financing and training needed to grow a first solid crop? In rural parts of Mexicos southeastern state of Yucatn, poverty is extreme and farmers of white maize have very low rates of productivity. The farm beats you when you dont have the proper resources to farm, not even the resources to fight weeds, said Don Cecilio Catzin Yupit, a farmer in Yucatns Tigre Grande community. Solution: Cargill sponsored and organized the CargillProject HighlightsEducampo Mayab program in conjunction with theMexican Foundation for Rural Development. $700,000The program provided: donated by Cargill to fund the initiative Access to agricultural suppliesFertilizer and technology 300+Seeds farmers supportedHarvesting equipmentFinancing ResultsHands-on technical assistance Training throughout the crop production cycle 200%The project lines up with Cargill Mexicos goal to sourceincrease in averageyield of white maize in a larger supply of white corn in a sustainable andthe first two yearsresponsible way. Amid the ever-growing concern about food security worldwide, we believe Mexico has the23capability to substantially increase food production, both for domestic consumption and as a contributor tofarmer coop groupsformed to datefeeding the world, said Valeria Olson, Cargills director of corporate affairs in Mexico.MORE IMPACT STORIES: cafamerica.org/about/storieswww.cafamerica.org PAGE16'