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Donor Advised Gifts are an excellent way to establish a relationship with a foreign charitable organization, and they are the realization of a desire to make a difference. CAF America’s expertise in working with foreign organizations ensures that all grants are made safely and effectively.

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CAF America Global Charity Database

CAF America enables expedited grantmaking to 1.8 million+ organizations around the world. Donors can make tax-effective contributions to CAF America and recommend that grants be made to any of the organizations currently eligible with us.* Explore our databases and create your own story of philanthropy.

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If you're not seeing the charity you want in the CAF America Global Database, it still may be eligible; our partnerships with CAF offices in the UK and Australia mean we can extend eligibility and make grants to charities listed in databases below (links open in a new window):

When you find the organization you'd like to recommend for a grant, simply return to this page, click the button above to make a single gift, and enter that charity name in the recommendation field on the donation page form.

If you have any questions about the eligibility or donation process, please feel free to contact our office.

* You may also recommend an organization that is not yet eligible, and we will begin the validation process upon receiving your contribution.

Established Funds at CAF America

CAF America manages over 100 charitable funds -- each established for a particular purpose or to fulfill the philanthropic goals of the fund creator(s). The Funds listed below have been made available to the public to garner additional support; anyone may contribute a tax-deductible gift of any size. New contributions are always welcome and will advance the current and future impacts of the funds. To give to one of the funds listed below, click here.

  • Ajay Shiv Fund
  • American Friends of Community Security Trust
  • American Friends of St. John’s Hospice
  • American Friends of the University of East Anglia
  • Andrea Bocelli Foundation
  • Andrew Grene Foundation
  • Christian Love & Support for Southern India
  • Cogito Scholarship Foundation
  • Deakin University
  • Defence for Children International Palestine Fund
  • Devadasi Trust
  • Friends of Cherie Blair Foundation for Women
  • Friends of CrossTalk Fund
  • Friends of Monash University
  • Friends of Gurkha Welfare Trust
  • Friends of the Jewish Community of Japan
  • Friends of Wayne McGregor (Random Dance)
  • IHG Shelter Fund
  • Institute of Cancer Research
  • Jusoor Friends Fund
  • K.I.D.S. IQ Project
  • Kliptown Youth Program Fund
  • Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund
  • Msumarini Welfare Fund
  • N7 Fund
  • NBA Cares Global Fund
  • PAD Institute Fund
  • PEPY Empowering Youth
  • Royal Bafokeng Institute Fund
  • Rwandan Remembrance Ride
  • S.A.M. (School Attendance Matters) Fund
  • Scholae Mundi Foundation Friends Fund
  • Seeing is Believing
  • Sefolosha Foundation
  • Seminario’s Fund
  • Soldiers’ Animal Companions
  • Southern Cross Scholarship Fund
  • Taught Not Trafficked
  • The Anni Hofmann Foundation Fund
  • The CEME Fund
  • The Postal Museum Fund
  • The Tongabezi Trust School
  • University of Waikato Foundation
  • William Edward (Eddie) Mullin Fund
  • Young Vic Theatre

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