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Closing the Entrepreneurship Gender Gap

More women than ever are pursuing careers as entrepreneurs; however, women around the world still face gender biases and limited support from their communities, governments, and venture capital. In a recent survey conducted by the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, 70% of women entrepreneurs surveyed reported facing gender stereotypes. CONTINUE READING >>

Latest Reports

US Giving To Canada

In recent years, there has been an exponential increase in the grants that CAF America has disbursed to organizations located within Canada. In this report, we have showcased the most compelling trends which exemplify the interest, capacity, and willingness of US donors to support Canadian charitable activity. CONTINUE READING >>

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Earthquake Response in Türkiye and Syria Continues: Reports from the Field

In early February 2023, devastating earthquakes hit south central Türkiye and northern Syria, causing a widespread humanitarian crisis throughout the region. Read here about the ongoing situation there, and what CAF America’s local grantees are doing to help. CONTINUE READING >>


Partnering with Australian Charities to Create Change

Last month, CAF America President and CEO Ted Hart visited a few of our Australian partners and in conjunction with Good2Give, hosted a signature Together Gathering event in Sydney. CONTINUE READING >>


Intermediaries and the Challenge of Localization

CAF America’s three pronged approach to grantmaking solves many of the struggles intermediaries face when localizing humanitarian funding. CONTINUE READING >>

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