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At the heart of philanthropy is ultimately one thing: the act of giving. Why do you give? Because doing so offers you an opportunity to write your own story and join in a shared story.

Be a part of the story.

At CAF America, we believe the power of borderless giving should be in everyone’s hands. Tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll show you how it can be done.

Establishing a Fund at CAF America gives you many advantages:

CAF America has several Fund options:

Donor Advised Funds: Recommended for all types of donors, this Fund is designed to support ongoing programs which require fund management services, including activity statements and online account access. It is also useful for pooling gifts from multiple donors. Invested Donor Advised Funds are also available.
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Employee Engagement Funds: Establishing a matched giving program enables a company to support a large number of causes while at the same time strengthening its corporate image among employees and the broader public. Designed to support corporate domestic and international matched giving, corporations can tax effectively support the philanthropic goals of their employees, matching employee contributions and/or volunteer time.
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Friends Funds: With a Friends Fund at CAF America, foreign charitable organizations can launch and maintain a US fundraising appeal and solicit tax-deductible donations of any size from US donors.
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To Establish a Fund, please contact our office.

To learn more about all of our services, please visit Fact Pages & Forms.

Making Grants from a Fund

All full-access advisors with funds at CAF America have the ability to make grant suggestions via email, mail, or by accessing your online account on the ‘Donor View Portal’. The Donor View Portal is a password protected, real-time platform where Fund information such as grant payment dates and Fund balance details can be viewed.

Once CAF America receives a grant recommendation, we verify if the organization is currently eligible with CAF America.

If the organization is already eligible, the grant suggestion will move through CAF America’s approval process. Eligible grant suggestions are considered by CAF America’s Board of Directors on a weekly basis. If a suggested organization is not yet eligible, the organization must first undergo our 100-step due diligence process before we can proceed with the grant suggestion.

CAF America will provide Fund holders with a monthly report which will contain updated information about the status of each pending grant suggestion.

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