Who we Serve

Individuals & Families

Individual philanthropy usually begins with a story: a story of hope, a story of courage, a story of inspiration. At CAF America, we specialize in creating a seamless transition from aspiration to meaningful action.


CAF America serves as back-office resource for tax and wealth management professionals with clients engaged in philanthropic giving. As a Donor Advised Fund sponsor, CAF America offers giving solutions that can integrate into any planned giving strategy.


CAF America partners with companies and corporate foundations to facilitate their worldwide philanthropy strategies, employee engagement, and disaster relief programs..

US Nonprofits

CAF America assists US nonprofits to expand their giving globally. We guarantee regulatory compliance and eliminate the administrative burden of cross-border grantmaking.

Foreign Nonprofits

Accessing US donors is easier than ever and it can be done without establishing a US 501(c)(3). Becoming eligible with CAF America allows you to receive tax-effective donations from US donors without having to create and maintain a separate organization.

Tech Providers

Partner with CAF America for full regulatory compliance for your technology-enabled charitable giving.