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Secure Your Legacy: How Donor Advised Funds Can Be Used in Estate Planning

Jessie Krafft - CAF America

Join Ted Hart, President and CEO of CAF America. with CAF America Senior Vice President of External Affairs, Jessie Krafft as they share the step-by-step approach for donors and their financial/legal advisers to use in the creation of a Legacy DAF.

Watch the video to begin a legacy of giving today!

IRS Regulations and Treasury Guidelines

Jane Peebles - Karlin & Peebles

Join Ted Hart, Editor of Cross-Border Giving: A Legal and Practical Guide and President and CEO of CAF America, as we take a deep dive into Chapter 9: Responsible Giving, The International Grantmakers’ Perspective with its author, Jane Peebles of Karlin & Peebles, LLP.

Watch the video to ensure your cross-border giving strategy is in full compliance with the IRS.

The Law and Employee Emergency and Hardship Relief

Holly Welch Stubbing - President & CEO, E4E Relief
David Shevlin - Partner, Simpson Thacher

CAF America President and CEO, Ted Hart, and guest experts Holly Welch Stubbing, President & CEO of E4E Relief, and David Shevlin, Partner at Simpson Thacher discuss how employers can assist employees dealing with hardships related to the unprecedented ‘shelter in place’ and ‘social distancing’ restrictions being enforced across the country.

Want to learn all there is to know about employee relief funds? Watch the video!

Preparing for an Audit

Victoria Bjorklund - Retired Partner, Simpson Thacher

Victoria Bjorklund, retired Partner at Simpson Thacher, sits down with CAF America President and CEO, Ted Hart, to discuss what you can do as an organization or individual giving internationally to prepare for an audit.

Want to learn all there is to know about the the best-practices to prepare for an audit? Watch the video!

Equivalency Determination and Expenditure Responsibility in Focus

David Shevlin - Simpson Thacher

Tapping into David’s extensive knowledge about Expenditure Responsibility and Equivalency Determination, the show will weigh these two standards for due diligence and help listeners decide which option is better suited for them.

Want to learn all there is to know about the standards for cross-border validation? Watch the video!

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