Meg Roberts

Director, Marketing & Communications

I joined CAF America in November 2022 and serve as the Director of Marketing & Communications. Within this role, I help connect donors to the impact of their contributions and empower our grantee partners to share their stories with a wider audience. I lead the team responsible for building awareness of CAF America’s integral role in the philanthropic community and engaging key stakeholders and audiences. My team manages the organization’s website, social media, and other engagement channels, in addition to our function as a storyteller for both donors and grantees.

Prior to this role, I spent over six years at United Way Worldwide, where I held roles in donor communications and stewardship, as well as on the corporate partnerships team. As a part of the fundraising operations team, I led content creation and strategy for donor communications and stewardship efforts, and put into place best practices and processes for meaningful prospect and donor engagement throughout the annual fundraising cycle.

I hold a BA in History and a BS in Education with a minor in International Studies from Loyola University Chicago.

Outside of my work at CAF America, I am a voracious reader and enjoy spending any time I can outside with my partner and our toddler. I also love to quilt and am passionate about creating art that is functional and serves a purpose.

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Publications by Meg Roberts

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