Calvin Quick

Officer, Private Donor Services

My name is Calvin Quick and I am a Donor Services Officer here at CAF America. I was born and raised in Atlanta and traveled extensively in my life, visiting around 30 countries and counting. This really inspired my appreciation for the world around us and the many different nations and cultures. I am an Eagle Scout and grew up with volunteering embedded in my life. I volunteered overseas for pop-up medical clinics and nonprofits in Romania, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Egypt, Nepal, and Ghana. This furthered my interest in nonprofits and the work they do globally. I studied Political Science and Theatre at Oglethorpe University before coming to DC. Currently I am getting my Masters in International Relations at American University. Here at CAF America, all of my interests and experiences really come into play in my everyday work. I get to work on multiple funds including Schwab Charitable and Vanguard Charitable, helping to facilitate grants all over the world. In addition, I work with our External Affairs department on disaster outreach all around the world. The work I get to do and see at CAF America is very inspiring and I am thankful for each and every bit of it!

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