Single Gifts

Donor Advised Gifts (DAGs) are the perfect solution for US donors who want to give globally without establishing a Fund at CAF America. DAGs enable all types of US donors, including individuals, foundations, and corporations, to make single donations as desired. With DAGs donors make a single tax-effective gift to CAF America and recommend that the funds be further granted to the foreign charitable organization of their choosing. CAF America can also recommend a charity that fits a donor’s interests and philanthropic goals.



CAF America conducts industry-leading due diligence reviews of international and domestic organizations to ensure that all grants are made to legitimate charitable programs, funds are used for their intended purpose and are in full compliance with all US laws as well as local government regulations. This enables donors to mitigate the risk, reputational exposure and administrative burden associated with international grantmaking, while allowing them to make impactful, cost-effective and tax-advantaged gifts. In addition, with CAF America’s validation and due diligence protocols, approved organizations remain eligible for upwards of three years.



  • Unlimited, fully tax-deductible contributions
  • Ability to donate assets such as privately held stock, real estate & art
  • Free wire transfer of all grants for secure and verifiable distribution
  • Weekly grant distributions to speed the impact of your giving
  • Peace of mind regarding your fiduciary and compliance responsibilities
  • Benefit from CAF America’s 30+ years of international grantmaking experience and expertise
  • Connection to global solutions via the CAF Global Alliance


  • Check & Credit Card
  • Gifts of stock
  • Wire transfers
  • Complex assets

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