Cross-Border Giving

“Cross-border donors often face daunting challenges. Complex U.S. and international regulatory frameworks apply to cross-border giving, and a lack of understanding of these rules and regulations can result in excessive exposure of donors to risks impacting both their bank accounts and their reputation. In this age of increased prevalence of money laundering, terrorist financing, and an ongoing global trend of tightening regulation of the nonprofit sector, compliance in cross-border grantmaking has never been more difficult nor more important to achieve.” – Ted Hart, ACFRE, CAP®, President & CEO, CAF America

Cross-Border Giving: A Legal and Practical Guide

A timely and comprehensive book, Cross-Border Giving is required reading for any professional in international philanthropy and is relevant to any person or organization working across borders. Cross-Border Giving covers a multitude of topics including: ethical grantmaking, the closing space for civil society, equivalency determination & expenditure responsibility, preparing for an audit, and many more.




Introduction: Understanding the 3Rs of Successful Cross-border Giving —Ted Hart
Chapter One: The Thriving Ecosystem of International Philanthropy —Adam Pickering
Chapter Two: Unite and Conquer! Giving in the Context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) —Heather Grady
Chapter Three: Ethics in International Grantmaking —Patricia Rosenfield
Chapter Four: Mechanisms for International Grantmaking —Beth Kingsley
Chapter Five: Tools for Direct International Grantmaking:  Expenditure Responsibility (ER) —John Bennett & David Shevlin
Chapter Six: Tools for Direct International Grantmaking: Equivalency Determination (ED) —David Shevlin & John Bennett
Chapter Seven: Vetting International Charities —Jessie Krafft
Chapter Eight: US Financial Transaction Laws and Their Impact on International Grantmaking —Kay Guinane & Nancy Herzog
Chapter Nine: Responsible Giving: The International Grantmakers’ Perspective —Jane Peebles
Chapter Ten: Monitoring and Impact Measurement —David Pritchard
Chapter Eleven: Preparing for an Audit —Victoria Bjorklund
Chapter Twelve: Donor Perspectives
     Part 1: High Net Worth Individuals and Families as Global Donors —Susan Winer & Betsy Brill
     Part 2: Corporations as Donors —Deirdre White & Amanda MacArthur

Edited by Ted Hart, President and CEO of CAF America and Kinga Ile, Vice President of Thought Leadership

Published by Charity Channel Press

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