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Philanthropic Technology and CAF America

Partner with CAF America for Full Regulatory Compliance for your technology-enabled charitable giving


Integrate your company’s Grants Management software with a Fund at CAF America to streamline the process for donation acknowledgement and the communication of receipts to your customers. CAF America’s industry-leading compliance solutions are a perfect compliment to your donor-facing grantmaking software products.


If you are fundraising online in the US, most states require that the charity benefiting from your campaign be registered on the state level. In addition, some states require that you also register each individual campaign with the state Attorney General. Work with CAF America to simplify this process for your nonprofit beneficiaries.

CAF America works with leading online fundraising companies as a compliance solution for the complex world of fundraising regulations, at the same time allowing for your donors and customers to support charities both in the US and around the world. Take your platform truly global by incorporating our database of eligible organizations into your service offering, allowing donors to receive the full allowable tax benefits for their international giving.

Benefits of working with CAF America include:

  1. Integrate with CAF America’s eligibility database to broaden your reach to any eligible charity around the world.
  2. Charities receiving donations through your platform do not need to maintain active registration in all states, significantly decreasing their regulatory burden.
  3. Donors receive tax acknowledgement letters directly from CAF America, making it easier for them to itemize and simplifying the processes to ensure full tax effectiveness.
  4. All payments are processed through your Fund at CAF America, simplifying the reporting process for your team.

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