Global Partnerships Podcast

CAF America's Global Partnerships enable us to bridge great divides by bringing to the American donor the very best of philanthropic expertise and services on the ground in countries around the world. Through this podcast series, we introduce our listeners, our donors to partners we collaborate with and partners who collaborate with us, in making it possible for that long arch of history, that long arch of philanthropic change to bend a little faster, with much more assurance, and with the full regulatory compliance, risk management and regulatory compliance you have come to rely on from CAF America.

Our next episode will air in September. Watch this space for more!

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In this edition CAF America President & CEO, Ted Hart will introduce you to Gill Bates, CEO of CAF Southern Africa our partner in South Africa who works to encourage and facilitate the investment of money, in-kind resources and time, by companies, institutions and individuals throughout South Africa. Their work with donors, foundations and corporations helps strengthen South Africa's nonprofit sector and the communities they serve. CAF Southern Africa is committed to promoting and adding value to these contributions by encouraging cooperation, sharing innovation, and fostering leadership.

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