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Since 1992, CAF America’s core mission has been to enable cross-border giving by Americans to validated charities and charitable projects across the world. Through donor-advised giving and our industry-leading organizational validation protocols, we enable our donors to make strategic, cost-effective, and tax-advantaged gifts while reducing the risk, reputation exposure, and administrative burden associated with cross-border giving.

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CAF Canada is a registered Canadian charity working to expand the culture of giving by making it easy, reliable, and effective for Canadians to give both internationally and domestically.


The CAF American Donor Fund (CADF) allows US/UK dual taxpayers to claim Gift Aid (which can increase the value of their gifts by up to 25%) and qualify for a tax deduction in the UK and in the US.


CAF America's practice is guided by 3 principles

• Complying with US regulations, as well as local laws governing the movement of foreign charitable funds into grantees’ home countries

• Mitigating the risk of significant excise taxes and fines, or even criminal charges in case of failure to comply with US regulations governing cross-border giving

• Protecting our donors from possible reputational damage that may arise if proper due diligence is not conducted


CAF International

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CAF International's membership of trusted partners in cross-border giving and, drawing on decades of experience in this field, delivers a unique bundle of essential services including charity validation, cross-border giving policy and a global charity database for our valued donor community.

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