Why CAF America

CAF America is your “one stop shop” for global grantmaking.

Partner with a proven global leader.

For nearly 30 years, Charities Aid Foundation of America (CAF America) has broken down the barriers to international giving. CAF America is a global grantmaking organization assisting corporations, foundations, and individuals. We streamline the grantmaking process to eliminate risk and administrative burden.

Through our work, we help donors support great causes by assisting them in making strategic, effective, and tax-advantaged grants internationally and domestically. We leverage the expertise of the CAF Alliance, which spans six continents and manages over $4 billion in charitable funds.

Support the causes and issues that matter to you.

Given the dramatic increase in international giving, donors are seeking trusted experts to assist with their global giving. Whether supporting grassroots organizations working in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, providing swift responses to major disasters, or helping to maintain connections between global communities, CAF America turns donors’ visions into reality.

Give confidently, knowing your interests define what we do.

CAF America understands that in an increasingly interconnected world US donors are committed to making a difference. In doing so they want a choice in how and where they give. American donors also want peace of mind in knowing that their support will have a lasting impact. CAF America goes to great lengths to ensure that the organizations it supports meet not only the donor’s philanthropic goals, but are in line with US rules and regulations and adhere to ‘best practice’ international grantmaking. We provide assurance that charitable donations are used safely and effectively.

Explore creative solutions based on trusted expertise.

As a member of the CAF Alliance, CAF America provides a global perspective — connecting donors with local issues and needs and the foreign charitable organizations on the ground that address them. Access to trusted expertise via regional CAF offices and a group of international consultants means thorough, timely support and advice is always available.

Make a real difference in the world.

As the bridge between US grantmakers and foreign charitable organizations, we help donors change the world. From expert advice and analysis to safe and secure grantmaking, we are your first choice for domestic and international giving.

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