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CAF America and its subsidiary, CAF Canada, facilitate tax-effective charitable donations from US and Canadian taxpayers within full compliance of all local and international regulations, making our clients philanthropic goals a reality.


The CARES Act and Your Nonprofit: Supercharged Fundraising from your US Donors in 2020

Do you have American donors who support your organization? Have you wondered how to maximize US donations on Giving Tuesday or how to engage them at year-end? CAF America's President & CEO, Ted Hart, and Senior Vice President of External Affairs Jessie Krafft explain the new regulations and demonstrate how you can maximize your donations from U.S. donors before these expanded opportunities expire at the end of the year.




CAF America Overview

Expedited Giving (CAF America)

Donor Advised Funds (CAF America)

Donor Advised Gifts (CAF America)

International Project Funds (CAF Canada)

International Project Gifts (CAF Canada)



Coronavirus Relief (CARES) Act and the New Charitable Giving Rules

Crowdfunding: Is Your Campaign Charitable?

An Overview of the Canadian Charitable Sector


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