WEBINAR: Applying a Social Justice Lens to Your International Grants

Recorded in Partnership the the Association of Corporate Philanthropy Professionals

In CAF America’s “The Voice of Corporate Philanthropy in Response to COVID-19 Worldwide"—Volume 4 in a series of COVID-19 reports— corporate donors indicated an interest in adapting their strategies to apply a stronger racial equity and social justice lens to their philanthropy. This renewed interest is driven by mounting pressure from investors, consumers, and employees to demonstrate an authentic interest in diversity, equity, and inclusion, with all the cultural sensitivity that implies. Multinational companies seeking to expand this strategy to their cross-border giving and international charitable initiatives are facing the added challenge of adapting their interventions to the local context. For a measured and thoughtful approach, contextual experts are required, which includes engaging host country nationals with extensive contextual expertise and knowledge of the ecosystem of civil society organizations along with local employees from the company. All this must be coordinated while meeting the necessary regulations for cross-border giving. Speakers: Jessie Krafft, CAF America Gill Bates, CAF Southern Africa and Paula Jancso Fabiani, IDIS.

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