A Guiding Light for the Visually Impaired

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Established in 1973, the Rawinala Foundation aims to give a voice to the 30,000 children affected by multiple disabilities and visual impairment (MDVI) across Indonesia. MDVI receives little to no public exposure, leading to minimal recognition of the condition and as a result, limited support from the government and the general public. According to the organization, merely 1% off the great number of children living with MDVI in Indonesia is fortunate to have access and receive the appropriate education and care by trained professionals. Official government data shows that 33% of all children with disabilities in Indonesia live in families earning under $2 USD a day. Malnutrition and poor hygiene conditions associated with poverty lead to additional health complications that further deteriorate the physical well-being of children with MDVI. Adequate support is necessary to avoid further widening the social gap between these children and society at large. Rawinala, meaning “light of the heart” in ancient Javanese, is committed to providing educational opportunities for all affected by MDVI and decrease the social divide in Indonesia.

Demonstrating a great commitment to their mission, the Rawinala Foundation’s team secured the funding necessary to successfully train 30 teachers from across Indonesia to enhance their special education skills enabling them to support students with MDVI.

To reach an even greater number of children impacted by MDVI, the Rawinala Foundation is working to open its very own school towards the end of 2019. The school is planned to accommodate the 61 students. Thanks to the generosity

of CAF America’s donors, the Rawinala Foundation is able to serve a growing number of children with MDVI across Indonesia. To learn more, please visit rawinala.org.

Quality Education (SDG 4)
Good Health and Well-Being (SDG 3)

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Indoor garden
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