Will McLauchlin

Associate, Privacy Donor Services

Will McLauchlin - Headshot

Hello there! My name is Will McLauchlin, and I am an Associate here on the Private Donor Services team at CAF America. I provide administrative support for the Donor Services team, as well as some assistance for the Grants Services team and Compliance team.

Before starting with CAF America in 2022, I graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and International Politics. Throughout my education, I had the opportunity to work with and meet multiple figures from across the political spectrum.

In my downtime, I like to play video games, go on hikes and bike rides, and read novels. My favorite video game of all time is Super Mario Galaxy, and my favorite book collections include The Clockwork Dark and Harry Potter.

Get in touch with me at willmclauchlin@cafamerica.org.

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