Vlad Wallace

Officer, Corporate Donor Services

I am Vlad Wallace, an Officer on the Corporate Donor Services team. I manage the Cisco matching donor-advised fund alongside a range of other funds. Since March 2021, I have served in a couple of roles with CAF America including Senior Associate on the OPS team.

Prior to joining CAF America, I held a variety of professional positions and internships with theĀ  U.S. Department of State in Kyrgyzstan, EducationUSA in Kazakhstan, Transparency International in Latvia, the U.S. Global Leadership in D.C., and so much more.

In addition, I spent a considerable amount of time spearheading voter registration initiatives in North Texas, where I helped to register more than 3,000 individuals in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. I also spent a sizable amount of my free time working with international education organizations both in Texas and in Estonia to help promote international exchange. My diverse experiences working directly with international communities have sparked my desire to effect positive change in any role I hold.

In my free time, I can be found eating strawberries, running marathons, or jamming out to Diana Ross.

I hold a BSc. in Global Business and International Political Economy from The University of Texas at Dallas.

Get in touch with me at vlad@cafamerica.org

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