Matthew Butterman

Staff Writer

I am Matthew Butterman, a writer, editor, special event promoter and marketing communications specialist. I provide media, marketing and PR services for sporting events, performing arts organizations and trade shows, and I enjoy the challenge of creating and implementing communications strategies for special events, new businesses and nonprofits.

I am writing an organizational history of CAF America for its 30th Anniversary celebration in 2022. This is a really engaging project for me because it combines my education and interest in history with my desire to teach others about CAF America and international philanthropy in general. What I want to create is a chronicle of CAF America’s past and present that will both inform and inspire readers in equal measure.

When I’m not writing professionally, I’m exploring back roads and trails on my bicycle, traveling, singing in a choir, and  – you guessed it – writing. I’m currently trying to finish my first novel, set in Prague during the Velvet Revolution, and with a musician friend I’m working on a musical about the history of mathematics.

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