Julie Stanley

Director, Grant Services

Julie Stanley - Headshot

As Director of Grant Services, I am responsible for the overall direction, coordination, and evaluation of the Grant Services team, providing leadership, management, and operational support to the department.

I am well-versed in the complexities of philanthropy and the role of foundations in effecting change, having extensive experience in grantmaking, innovative program development and implementation, fiscal management, and networking across public, private, and nonprofit sectors. I am committed to a “more than grantmaking” approach to promote trust and shared learning with grant partners.

I am dedicated to equity-centered leadership and creating a culture of learning, growth, and belonging for everyone. My leadership style has helped me lead high-performance teams and drive positive outcomes for the organizations I have served.

In addition to being a Certified Nonprofit Executive Director, I received my Master of Public Management, Bachelor’s in Public Affairs, Certificate in Nonprofit Executive Leadership, and Certificate in Fund Raising Management all from Indiana University. I have also completed The Grantmaking School Competency Series through the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy.

Get in touch with me at julie@cafamerica.org

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