John Suidikas

Finance Associate

John is a Finance Associate at CAF America. He graduated from The Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science in Economics with a focus in econometrics. John has had previous internship experience working in architectural engineering at GHT Limited before transitioning his field of study. During his time at Penn State, he has worked in several organizations and committees to support THON, a student-run philanthropy committed to enhancing the lives of children and families impacted by childhood cancer. Passionate about volunteer service, John continues to strive towards enhancing the lives of his community.


Nicknames: Johnyboy


Favorite meal: Blue cheese bacon burger with a side of bacon


Thing that really baffles me: A set of infinite real numbers is larger than a set of natural numbers.


Random fact about me: I was a competitive gymnast growing up and have broken more bones than I can count.


A person I’d love to meet: I would definitely love to speak with Elon Musk to ask about his work on Neuralink. It sounds terrifying but very intriguing.


Likes: Any outdoor activities, dogs, beautiful views, cars, math, extreme sports, and sleeping


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