Joseph Shaffer

Senior Director of Grants and Compliance

I joined CAF America in 2014 and serve as the Senior Director of Grants and Compliance. In this role, I am responsible for overseeing CAF America and CAF Canada’s organizational compliance responsibilities and the weekly grants/project funding cycle activities. I lead the Grants and Compliance team within the Finance and Compliance Department in facilitating CAF America’s grantmaking and ensuring compliance with our Anti-Money Laundering/Know Your Customer protocol, State filing requirements, internal compliance reporting, and other compliance matters.

I’ve always wanted my work to have a positive impact and I feel drawn to the charitable mission of nonprofit organizations. As an experienced professional, I aim to use my knowledge and skills to further the work of nonprofits in the U.S. and in countries across the globe. I’m thrilled to be in a position here at CAF America that affords me the opportunity to achieve this every day.

In addition, I am drawn to volunteer in my free time. I am a lifelong blood donor and have been making regular donations since I was in High School. 

I earned a Master’s degree in Public Administration (Public and Nonprofit Administration) from the University of Pittsburgh and graduated magna cum laude from the University of Dayton with a B.A. in Political Science. I have completed two accredited Accounting courses at the NOVA Community College and am certified in Anti-Money Laundering (AML/CTF) by the Society of Tax and Estate Professionals (STEP).

CAF America Employee of the Year 2018

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