Emily Robertshaw

Senior Validation Associate

Hello there! I’m Emily Robertshaw, a  Senior Validation Associate on the Flex Pro Team at CAF America. I work as the point of contact for grantee organizations as they complete eligibility applications and validation. I try to live my life by the motto, “You are confined only by the walls you build yourself”, whether that means stepping out of my comfort zone or setting high goals to achieve.

Prior to joining CAF America, I completed a B.A. in Theatre with a Minor in Creative Writing at James Madison University. My main focus of study was in research, history, and communications within a theatrical context.

In my personal life, one of my biggest passions is traveling. I love to experience different cultures and foods. I’m currently trying to complete the 30 in 30 challenge: which is to travel to 30 countries before you turn 30. Another passion of mine is cinema. I go to the movies as much as I can and even play a little game with my family where we try to predict the academy award winners each year.

Get in touch with me emilydawson@cafamerica.org

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