Claire Irvine

Validation Associate

Claire Irvine

Claire joined CAF America in April 2020 from Scotland.  Although new to the company, she is utilizing her passion for charitable work alongside her prior experience within Sales.  She is working with CAF America in both the due diligence and Business Development Departments.


What inspires me to do what I do
My passion to work with charitable organizations began in 2013 when I went backpacking in Africa.  From this point onwards, I hoped to assist those less fortunate than myself in any way possible.  I strongly believe a good way to utilize this desire is by working with worldwide nonprofit organizations and donors within the U.S.

Book that moved me
Kane & Abel by Jeffrey Archer: no matter your background; hard work, dedication and passion can drive you to be successful!

A person I’d love to meet
Cristiano Ronaldo

Reading, Traveling and extreme sport

Slogans for life
“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree, it will live it’s whole life believing it is stupid” Albert Einstein

Guilty pleasure
Chateaubriand accompanied with a nice Amorone

Something someone would be surprised to know about me
I won the Scottish title for Badminton.

Thing that really baffles me
The purpose of midges

Favorite meal
Vindaloo curry

Random fact about me
I left Scotland and studied my last year of School in Pittsburgh, PA before returning to study Psychology at Edinburgh University.

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