Char Mollison

Secretary, CAF America Board

Char Mollison is Senior Fellow at the Center for Nonprofit Management, Philanthropy and Policy and a member of the Affiliated Faculty at George Mason University. She is also a member of the adjunct faculty at Johns Hopkins University, an institution renowned for its civil society studies and education of NGO leaders from around the world. There she has also managed an online graduate program in nonprofit management and served as faculty liaison for the university’s Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2018 she was named Senior Fellow of John Hopkins’ Center for Advanced Governmental Studies. She teaches courses in nonprofit management, philanthropy, executive leadership, ethics, governance, and international NGO management and policy, both online and in the classroom. She has held senior positions at the Council on Foundations, an association of grantmakers, and at Independent Sector, a coalition of US-based nonprofits and philanthropies. She began her career at a national women’s rights organization called WEAL. As a consultant, she has advised government officials and nonprofit executives in the U.S. and abroad, including Eastern and Central Europe, Latin America, China, Central Asia, Africa and Bangladesh. In 1994 she was appointed a Fellow of the Salzburg Global Seminar on the subject of nongovernmental organizations and civil society. She also serves on the board of the Wise Giving Alliance of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, which sets accountability standards for nonprofit organizations, and she was a founding board member of Partners of Tanzania’s Relief and Development, a nonprofit that supports programs in some of the poorest, rural areas in Tanzania.

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