Caitlin Wallace

Director of Technology and Cybersecurity

Caty joined the CAF America team in 2016 and now serves as a Grants Officer and Fund Manager. Caty majored in International Relations and minored in Global Security Studies at Syracuse University. She joined CAF America shortly after graduating, and has thoroughly enjoyed her role in connecting philanthropists with causes near to their heart. Whether it’s facilitating an employee giving program or assisting an individual with a favorite charity, she is there to make sure donors are comfortable with and confident in their contributions.

Caty is certified in Anti-Money Laundering (AML/CFT) by the Society of Tax and Estate Professionals (STEP).

CAF America Employee of the Year 2019

What inspires me to do what I do
I am endlessly impressed with the innovative and unique ways our grantees approach their issue areas. The non-profit sector is evolving in new ways, and CAF America is poised to see the cutting edge in sustainability, health, and education. I have the pleasure of reading about a variety of charitable efforts happening across the globe, every day.

Caty- spelled just differently enough to be a nuisance. Thanks, Mom and Dad! But really, thank you.

Breakfast. Haven’t skipped one yet.

Something someone would be surprised to know about me
I took four years of Mandarin in college. You’d be surprised to know this because I’ve forgotten, literally, all of it!

Guilty pleasure
I very well may be the only person left in the Mid-Atlantic purchasing SlimJim’s.

Favorite Meal
We’ve been over this, I love breakfast!

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