Alexandros Georgiadis

Charity Relations Associate

Alex is responsible for managing charity invitations, charity applications, and validation of grantee organizations. Alex graduated from University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Environmental Sciences and Technologies with a focus in Natural Resource Management. Alex is proficient in the Spanish language, developed from many years of study, as well as his time living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His experience also includes working with ecological non-profits in the DC Metro Area working on habitat restoration, conservation, and biodiversity.

Nicknames: Alex

Book that moved me: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

A person I’d love to meet: Deepak Chopra

Likes: I love cooking, Kaiju movies, hockey, and creating with my hands (art, food, building things)

Slogans for life: Can’t have good days without the bad ones

Guilty pleasure: If it was on the radio between 1992 and 2004 I probably still sing it… a lot

Favorite meal: My family’s marinated eggplant dish
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