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Bring your philanthropic vision to life.

Individual philanthropy usually begins with a story: a story of hope, a story of love, a story of courage, a story of sadness, a story of inspiration. It is these stories that have lead you to find a cause that is close to your heart, a mission that gives your life meaning, and a reason to say “I want to do more.”

At CAF America, we specialize in creating a seamless transition from aspiration to meaningful action. We understand that effective philanthropy begins with a clear vision and a focused plan for making that vision a reality. Our unparalleled expertise and personalized solutions help you bring your philanthropic vision to life.

By working with CAF America, you benefit from our global grantmaking perspective, our industry-leading due diligence, and the leverage of the CAF Alliance which connects you to local issues and the organizations on the ground solving them.

Setting up a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) or Invested Donor Advised Funds (IDAF)

Donor Advised Funds (DAF) have become the most sought-after way for donors to achieve their philanthropic goals. Opening a DAF at CAF America is an efficient and cost-effective way to conduct both domestic and international grantmaking through a single fund. DAFs eliminate the considerable time and expense required to establish and maintain a Private Foundation.

For donors wishing to grow the impact of their contributions over time, CAF America offers the option of establishing an Invested Donor Advised Fund (IDAF). With the IDAF, you may recommend investment allocations based on your appetite for risk and goals for growth. IDAFs at CAF America enable donors to receive immediate tax benefits while providing the opportunity to contribute even more to their preferred organizations in the future.

CAF America partners with Merrill Lynch Investments to offer our donors access to four research-backed Model Portfolios of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Our investment options are ranked “conservative” to “moderately aggressive” and allow donors to choose a strategy that best fits their philanthropic mission and goals

For more information, download the Donor Advised Funds or Invested Donor Advised Funds fact sheet.

To get started, contact our office.

Give a Donor Advised Gift

Single gifts allow you to advise a smaller number of grants, on a schedule or as desired. You can recommend that a gift go to a specific foreign charitable organization, cause, country, or region. CAF America can also provide giving guidance in accordance with your interests and goals.

For more information, download the Donor Advised Gifts fact page.

To get started, go to our Give Now page or contact our office.

The CAF American Donor Fund

A smart solution for dual US/UK taxpayers

In partnership with the CAF office located in the United Kingdom, CAF America has a giving solution exclusively for individuals paying tax in both the US and the UK.

The CAF American Donor Fund (CADF) provides dual taxpayers with immediate tax benefits and a simple way to support charities anywhere in the world. Giving is not always easy for those who pay both US and UK taxes. Among other problems: US tax rules sometimes invalidate UK tax breaks for charitable giving. The CAF American Donor Fund offers a solution, allowing dual taxpayers to claim ‘Gift Aid’ in the UK while still benefiting from a tax deduction in the US.

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